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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property assets are a big part of the foundation of your business. That is why our attorneys work diligently to ensure the protection of those assets for your business. Intellectual property takes several forms, including patents, trademarks, copyright, and artistic and manufacturing processes.

We have achieved multiple successful results in patent matters, both in defense against allegations of infringement and in enforcing our client’s patent rights. We are experienced in handling all aspects of a patent dispute from a simple cease and desist letter to a trial on infringement. This includes the unique steps involved in patent litigation and we are ready to advise and serve our clients through that process.

We also have experience assisting our clients with trademark and copyright analysis, from advising clients on whether proposed language is fair use, to taking action and briefing issues of trademark infringement before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Intellectual property law is nuanced and can feel confusing and overwhelming. We have the training and understanding to successfully navigate the process and guide our clients away from and out of lurking landmines.

We are pleased to provide a sample of our work in this patent claim construction hearing in which we prevailed on every disputed term: Claim Construction Order